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Oleg Mänz
Managing Director
QuantFS GmbH
Mr. Maenz has many years of experience in advising on securitisations with the focus on cash-flow-modelling, risk modelling, reporting and IT-processing. His track record covers more than 50 public and private securitisation transactions with a total volume of more than 8 billion Euro. He particularly focuses on German lease transactions, non-performing loans as well as trade receivable financings.

Company profile

QuantFS supports its clients with the implementation and the monitoring of structured financing, such as securitisation, covered bonds, forfaiting and factoring solutions as well as project financing. With the help of our ABS software we are able to manage and monitor complex asset portfolios including a capital market standard performance and risk reporting. By using combinatorial selection algorithms, we optimise the portfolio composition taking into account individual criteria and portfolio concentration limits.

QuantFS GmbH was founded in 1995 under the name ”Gallinat-Service GmbH” as a 100% subsidiary of Gallinat-Bank AG. In 2010, the company relocated to Hamburg and changed to the current business model. The team of QuantFS GmbH has its roots in Albis Securitisation AG, the securitisation service provider of the Albis Leasing Group. In 2014 the name changed to QuantFS GmbH in connection with a buy-out by the management.

The team of QuantFS has a strong commitment to quality, reliability and efficiency as these are the pillars of our success since many years. We are looking forward to make your securitisation processes more streamlined, transparent and cost efficient.


QuantFS offers the following range of services

  • Monitoring and Reporting
    Based on our certified ABS software solution we create detailed risk and performance reporting using the current reporting standards for capital market investors, banks, rating agencies and insurance companies. The software is able to cover all types of securitised assets, such as trade receivables, lease- and hire-purchase receivables, consumer loans, bank loans as well as and non-performing-loans. We are monitoring and reporting complex multi-seller and multi-investor transactions with mixed currencies and different languages.
    We provide IT interfaces especially for banks for regulatory reporting issues and interfaces to the European Data Warehouse of the European Central Bank.
  • Structured Finance
    QuantFS supports its clients with the planning and implementation of structured financing, such as securitisation, covered bonds, forfaiting and factoring solutions and project financing.
  • Cash Flow and Risk Modelling
    We create transparency and understanding about the opportunities and risks of investments in structured receivables portfolios. We create cash flow models, simulations and scenario calculations. Based on our ABS software we are able to produce an automated benchmarking between initial risk expectations and current portfolio-performance.
  • Web-Portal and Interface Programming
    Our Web Portal solution offers a worldwide electronic communication medium for sellers of receivables and investors. We provide data rooms for the secure exchange of information. As an investor you can find information at any time wherever you are about the performance of your portfolios. You only need a web browser or a smartphone. Our experienced IT team can implement whatever electronic data interface is needed in the context of securitisations. We have pre-implemented interfaces in use for SAP, Bloomberg, Roehrig and Partner and other systems.
  • European Data Warehouse
    As part of our monitoring activities for listed bonds, we are a data supplier for the European Data Warehouse. Using appropriate interface solutions we use the Loan Level Data Standard of the European Central Bank.

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Oleg Mänz
Oleg Mänz

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