Politics and supervision


Politics and supervision

Representation of interests together with market participants and our partners

We perform various tasks in lobbying and public relations for the German securitisation market and in particular for our TSI network.

Since February 2022, we have been registered in the Lobby Register under the registration number R001019 for the representation of interests vis-à-vis the German Bundestag and the Federal Government for the areas of interest and project areas EU legislation as well as banking and finance.


We coordinate all activities with the players in the market, in particular with:
  • our shareholders and the companies in the TSI partner network
  • representatives of the German financial industry and its associations (e.g. DK, Bankenverband, Association of German Public Banks, German Savings Bank Association, Federal Association of German Leasing Companies, Bankenfachverband)
  • representatives of the German business community and its associations (including Federation of German Industries, Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, German Lawyers' Association, German Treasurers' Association) on structural change in the financial industry and real economy and its impact on financing
  • European (including EBA, ESMA, ECB) and national regulatory authorities (Deutsche Bundesbank, BaFin) as well as with domestic and European policymakers on strengthening asset-based forms of financing, especially for SMEs, in the transformation process
  • the European Central Bank in connection with monetary policy and the collateral framework applicable to securitisations
  • selected stakeholders in the field of ESG & sustainability regulation
Financing the transformation –
measures to promote the securitisation market in Europe and Germany


Our representation of interests together with market participants and partners is structured as follows:
  • Contributing to opinion formation via commentaries and studies that are heard.
  • Bringing relevant topics to our network for discussion.
  • Educating the securitization community and related stakeholders on the benefits and market developments of securitization.
  • We provide forums for our partners to discuss securitization and other asset based finance topics.
  • We advocate for the elimination of inefficiencies in market practice and regulation.
  • We support the development of best practices and industry standards together with our partners.
  • Our partners' industry expertise feeds into regulatory discussions.
  • We stand ready to support the transfer of expertise on securitization markets to policymakers, the media and individuals.

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