Shaping the future together and financing it sustainably.

Shaping the future together and financing it sustainably.

We make an important contribution to the further development of asset-based finance and thus to the sustainable financing of banks, the real economy and consumers.

Business areas & topics

TSI's mission is reflected in our three business areas and other strategic activities, which have continuously evolved over the years.


TSI Partners

A strong network in all areas of finance and active exchange is particularly valuable in challenging times.


Overview Securitisation Regulation

The core of securitisation regulation is the Securitisation Regulation. It regulates the product of securitisation uniformly throughout Europe for all financial market sectors.



Quality plays a central role not only in the standards for securitisations for TSI. Our diverse training and event programme also follows the same maxim.



Securitisations were and are a central element of credit-based financing of the real economy by banks. The basic principle is as follows: in the course of a securitisation transaction, illiquid, non-tradable assets are transformed into tradable securities. A bank can create tradable securities from loans or credit risks, just as a company can make its illiquid receivables portfolio liquid from trade receivables. On the one hand, the securitisation provides the seller with liquidity and, on the other, the seller reduces its risk position by transferring part of the risk to the buyer of the securities.

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Advantages of securitisation

Securitisations are an excellent fit for the predominantly bank-based corporate financing in Germany with its broad SME sector. This is because even the larger SMEs often do not have the rating required for direct access to the capital market.


Comparison with other forms of refinancing

In the following section we will compare securitisation with other alternative forms of refinancing such as corporate bonds, covered bonds or factoring.


Securitisation Regulation

The core of securitisation regulation is the Securitisation Regulation (EU) 2017/2402, which will come into force on 1 January 2019. For the first time, it regulates the product of securitisation uniformly and comprehensively throughout Europe for all financial market sectors.


European Benchmark Exercise

Under the leadership of AFME, EDW and TSI, a report on the market for non-public securitisations in the EU and UK has been published since the end of 2021 as part of the European Benchmark Exercise. As part of the survey, twelve banks from six countries submit their data on individual securitisation transactions to the European DataWarehouse (EDW). The European Benchmark Exercise Report represents an important step towards further strengthening confidence in the European securitisation market.


Sustainable Finance

The shift to a sustainable economy is one of the major societal challenges of the coming decades. Sustainability encompasses various goals in the three central ESG areas. The abbreviation ESG stands for "Environmental", "Social" and "Governance". The focus is particularly on environmental goals.

On sustainable financing

STS Verification

TSI is actively involved in the STS verification of European quality securitisations through its independent subsidiary STS Verification Internation GmbH (SVI).

TSI certification

The CERTIFIED BY TSI - DEUTSCHER VERBRIEFUNGSSTANDARD certificate stands for the high quality of German securitisation transactions.

German SPV

Since 2005, TSI Services GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of TSI, has provided German special purpose vehicles ("SPV") using German law.


At our events, the values of networking and orientation are at the centre of our activities. Our diverse training and event programme reaches more than 1,000 participants from all market sectors every year.

About us and the team

We are a dynamic, dedicated team with many years of experience in the areas of banking, capital markets and securitisation. Supported by the know-how of our partner network, we stand for the promotion of the securitisation market in Germany and Europe. 
Our TSI event team is characterised by extensive expertise in the conception, planning and implementation of events. As a training organisation for event managers, we offer a future-oriented and varied step into professional life. 

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