What we stand for


What we stand for

What is important to us

Shaping the future together and financing sustainably with asset-based finance


We make an important contribution to the further development of asset-based finance and thus to providing banks, the real economy and consumers with finance on a sustainable basis.

We are committed to giving the real economy and banks more financing leeway to promote the digital and ecological transformation and generate prosperity.

Shaping the future together.
Financing sustainably.
With Asset Based Finance

We are working towards a world in which investments are based on multiple stable financing instruments. Securitisation and asset-based finance provide SMEs with indirect access to the capital market and support banks in their refinancing.

We advocate for creating the necessary framework conditions for this. In this way, we make an important contribution to financial market stability, since asset-based financing is backed by concrete collateral and regulated uniformly at the pan-European level.

Economic and financial market stability is essential for sustainable growth, prosperity and social justice. It is also the cornerstone for future-oriented investments in the digital and ecological transformation.

What specifically does TSI do?

We support banks, companies and SMEs with information and events on the topic of asset-based finance and facilitate expert exchange in our top-class partner network. For this purpose, we regularly offer various platforms to promote the transfer of expertise.

Open and transparent communication with the financial market, policy-makers and regulators is important to us in supporting the sustainable further development of the legal framework for securitisations.

For individual transactions, we provide the infrastructure in the form of a securitisation platform. With our quality standards, which we have developed and proven over many years, we ensure a secure process and compliance with the regulations governing the transactions.

Our values


Quality in every detail: We set ourselves the highest standards. For every transaction we support and every event we plan, we guarantee our clients clear statements and reliable processing right up to completion.

As a small team with many years of experience and expertise in securitisation, we are reliable partners and can be contacted directly at all times. We understand how important quality and reliability is for our clients.


We stay on top of things in an increasingly fast-paced and complex market environment. Even though regulations and the transformation are accompanied by a flood of information, we shed light on the market and anticipate and respond to developments.


We are proud of our top-class partner network and the important and open exchange of knowledge with each other.

We have been working with all of our partners and service providers for many years in a spirit of trust. Together we benefit from our diverse expertise and bring together topics and market practice.

We love personal contact with people and linking and expanding relevant content. We live this spirit and teamwork every day - not just once a year at our annual TSI Congress. TSI ... where the community meets!