Science and practice


Science and practice

Bringing together academia, financial market players, the real economy, policymakers and regulators

Three non-profit foundations

Our securitisation platform includes three non-profit foundations for Germany as a financial centre, which become shareholders in the SPVs we provide for securitisation transactions:

Foundation for Capital Market Research for Germany as a Financial Centre

Foundation for Capital Market Law for Germany as a Financial Centre

Foundation for Corporate Finance and Capital Markets for Germany as a Financial Centre

Foundation purpose

The purpose of the foundation is to promote research and teaching in these areas:


  • Research on capital market law (Capital Market Law Foundation)
  • Structure and development of financial markets in Germany and Europe (Capital Market Research Foundation)
  • Corporate finance and capital markets (Corporate Finance Foundation)

Support measures

The following sponsorship measures are announced and awarded separately by all three foundations in a uniform form and on an annual basis:


  • Sponsorship award of the foundation
  • Dissertation scholarship of the foundation
  • Publication and printing subsidy


Capital Markets Union foundation project

In addition, the three foundations launched the joint Capital Markets Union foundation project in 2017 which contributes to deepening the dialogue between academia and practice on issues of bank and capital market financing in Germany and Europe.

We support the Capital Markets Union Foundation Project in the role of business agent in the implementation of the individual funding measures:


  • Foundation events
  • Scientific reports
  • European DataWarehouse - access for the scientific community
  • Cooperation agreement with the European Banking Institute


Activities that promote science

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Director | Managing Director TSI Services

Dr Christian Fahrholz