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Title Date Category Tags
02.05.2024 Publications Capital markets union, Capital Markets Union, European securitisation market, Securitization platform, Transformation financing, Transformation financing
26.03.2024 Publications Diversification, European securitisation market, Securitisation Regulation, Transparency requirements
22.03.2024 Comments and statements ABCP, Disclosure Templates, ESMA, German Banking Industry, private non-ABCP, public ABS, Synthetic Synthetic balance sheet securitisations
11.03.2024 Publications Central bank eligibility, ECB, European securitisations, Loan Level Data, Regulation, Reporting requirements, SECR, STS Securitisation Framework, STS securitization framework
11.03.2024 Market Update ABCP market, EBE, European Benchmark Exercise, Market transparency, Non-ABCP market, Securitisation market, Securitisation market, True sale securitisations
12.02.2024 Comments and statements ESAs, European securitisation market, German Banking Industry, Securitisation Regulation, STS regulation
26.01.2024 Market Update German SPV, Securitisation, Tax audit
05.10.2023 Market Update EUGBS, European Green Bond Standard, European Parliament, European Parliament, Securitisation, Securitisation market
22.09.2023 Comments and statements Financial market regulation, Financial Stability Board, Securitisation
20.09.2023 Publications Entferne Begriff: Deutsche Verbriefungsplattform Deutsche Verbriefungsplattform, europäische Verbriefungsregulierung, European securitisation regulation, Finanzierung der Transformation, German Securitisation Platform, Securitisation market, Securitisation Regulation, Transformation financing
20.09.2023 Publications Entferne Begriff: ABCP-Verbriefung ABCP-Verbriefung, European Benchmark Exercise, Market transparency, Non-ABCP Verbriefung, True sale securitisations
13.09.2023 Market Update Capital Markets Union (CMU), Financing the real economy, Finanzierung der Realwirtschaft, Finanzierung der Transformation, Kapitalmarktunion (CMU), Securitisation, Transformation financing
31.08.2023 Market Update Financing sustainable transformation, Finanzierung der nachhaltigen Transformation, SRT-Transaktionen, SRT-Verbriefungen
30.08.2023 Comments and statements Financial crisis, Financial market regulation, Securitisation market
07.07.2023 Comments and statements EBA, European securitisations, European securitisations, STS Guidelines for Synthetes, STS-Guidelines für Syntheten, Synthetic securitisations
18.04.2023 Publications EU Green Bond (EuGB) Standard, Green Bonds, secured funding instruments, Sustainable Securitisation
05.04.2023 Publications European Benchmark Exercise, True sale securitisations
30.01.2023 Publications Asset-based instruments, Bank management, Equity management, European securitisation market, Financing the transformation
16.01.2023 Comments and statements Bank management, Call for Evidence, ESA, European Green Bond Standard, Greenwashing, Securitisation
03.01.2023 Market Update Capital Markets Union (CMU), European legal framework, European securitisation market, Financing the transformation, Finanzierung der Transformation, Securitisation market, Securitisation market
01.12.2022 Publications Securitisation, Securitisation, Securitisation, STS, Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Securitisation
25.11.2022 Publications European Green Bond Standard, Green Bonds, Securitisation, Sustainable Securitisation, SVI
04.11.2022 Comments and statements CRD IV, CRR III, EU Green Bond Standard, IACPM, RTS, Securitisation, Securitisation, Significant Risk Transfer, Sovency II, STS Securitisations
01.11.2022 Comments and statements EBA, EBA Consultation, Homogeneity RTS, synthetic securitizations
17.10.2022 Comments and statements AFME, EBA, EBA Consultation, Synthetic Excess Spreads, synthetic securitizations
14.10.2022 Comments and statements EBA, EU Commission, EUGBS, Securitisations under the EuGBS, Use-of-Proceeds Approach
21.02.2022 Publications Asset-based financing, Corporate finance, Green Finance, Lending platforms, Maritime economy, Unternehmensfinanzierung
05.11.2021 Publications EU Green Bond (EuGB) Standard, Europäische Kommission, European Central Bank, European sustainability goals, Use-of-Proceeds (UoP) Approach
30.09.2021 Publications EU Green Bond (EuGB) Standard, Financial market regulation, SME financing, Sustainable Finance, Taxonomy
17.05.2021 Comments and statements ECB, EIOPA, ESA, ESMA, European securitisation market, STS Securitisations, STS Verification

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