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Holger Beyer
Managing Director
Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisors International Ltd
Holger has more than 25 years’ experience in a wide range of senior roles within the financial services sector. He has expertise in the securitisation of many different asset classes, which he gained at AgFe, Morgan Stanley, UniCredit and Commerzbank, using both synthetic and traditional structures as well as operational experience from building lending platforms and c-suite roles.
Holger has advised on the re-structuring, work-out, and disposal of distressed positions, both structured and corporate, acting for central banks in the Eurosystem and the administrators of various banks in the aftermath of the GFC. Holger has experience in the setting up of asset management structures to invest in financial assets and provided portfolio funding and risk capital to non-bank lending platforms.
Victoria Matyka
Vice President
Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisors International Ltd
Victoria is on supporting clients in the design and implementation of their non-core and non-performing loan deleveraging agenda across asset classes through straight sales and structured solutions. In addition, she has advised banks and non-bank lenders in optimising funding, capital and liquidity solutions supporting new origination.
She has advised banks and private equity funds in the carve-out/sale and the establishment of NPE servicing companies (involving personnel/infrastructure).

Company profile

Securitistion Expertise

Alantra acts as an independent advisor in Secured Funding and Asset Backed Securities (SFABS) to banks, non-bank lenders and corporates across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Our approach builds on a deep understanding of the underlying assets to be securitised or funded and market leading analytical capabilities gained as a leading credit portfolio advisor. Our experience spans the full range of credit assets from distressed loans to performing corporate receivables to real estate owned assets. The team bring extensive market knowledge and placement capabilities across the capital structure and provides independent and unconflicted advice to our clients.

Alantra is one of the largest independent advisors on synthetic securitisations to third parties in Europe having completed 10 transactions between 2021 and 2023.

The Alantra team has advised on completed securitisation transactions with c. €15bn of GBV in the last 2 years, including some of the first and largest transactions ever executed in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and the Americas.

Alantra have been named Advisor of the Year in SCI’s Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Securitisation Awards 2022. Additionally, SCI has named two of our deals “Transaction of the Year”, Project Galaxy, the second largest rated NPE securitization in Europe and Project Triton, an innovative SRT deal of shipping loans.

We support our clients with:

  • Significant Risk Transfer (SRT) transactions to reduce regulatory capital requirements
  • Bespoke senior and mezzanine financing facilities
  • Sourcing commitments of junior, equity and growth capital
  • Arranging forward flow transactions
  • Structuring, rated and unrated ABS transactions for deleveraging, capital and funding purposes
  • Pricing, valuation and options analysis in relation to the above

Alantra is an international financial services firm with over 555 professionals representing 35 nationalities in 25 offices. We are a truly global company. We do not have a head office. Every market we operate in is as important as the next. Every employee is as valuable as the next. Which means every client’s needs are as important as the next.