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Torsten Schmidt
Head of business development DACH
Hypoport BV
Jacco Samuels
Managing Director
Hypoport BV
Sören Iden
Hypoport BV

Corporate profile

Hypoport BV, as a provider of market-leading digital solutions for structured finance, has been part of Hypoport SE, a network of technology companies for the credit, real estate and insurance industries listed in the SDAX, since 2007.

In the vision of Hypoport transparency increases access to capital for borrowers, removes friction, and improves economic conditions for people and projects around the world.

Hypoport cannot realise that vision alone, we have to work through our partners and clients. Our mission is to bring technological innovation to the industry, and standardisation of reporting. 

Our mission has led us around the globe over the past 2 decades, and from our offices in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Johannesburg, and Singapore we provide highly cost effective solutions;


PRoMMiSe® Software
  • Is used to issue, manage, monitor over EUR 1000 Billion of assets
  • Available on premise and as a cloud-hosted service

For issuers PRoMMiSe®  provides the flexibility to issue, manage and monitor all asset based transactions, regardless of the asset type (property, mobility, consumer, equipment) and regardless of the transaction structure (true-sale, synthetic ABS, covered bonds, funds, Originate-to-Manage)

Because there is a strong focus on contract/loan-level data disclosure in ABS, our software has been optimized to deal with large quantities of data, and loaded with powerful and auditable optimization techniques for pool selection and management. 

The state of the art ESMA reporting flow has been built to speed up the reporting process, and produce auditable reports on an automated basis.

PRoMMiSe® will connect with any servicing system, and implementation in the cloud or on premises can be done in weeks, not months.


  • IT specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Regulatory and data specialists

Based on our experience with legislation such as ESMA we advise issuers on the implementation of regulatory technical standards, and bring their deals to market, or keep them in compliance with those standards.

Ultimately our solutions improve the operational efficiency of your organisation;

  • No more errors in reports
  • x times faster
  • Cost effective