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Ingmar Jürgens
CLIMCOM Berlin – Climate & Company – the private institute for climate research and training gGmbH
Ingmar is the co-founder and managing director of Climate & Company, the leading sustainable finance think-tank. He co-founded the Berlin based „Sustainable Finance Research Platform“ and has been involved closely in the work of the German government’s sustainable finance advisory group and (since its start in 2020) as Sherpa and as „environmental objective lead“ (for biodiversity) in the EU sustainable finance platform. Ingmar took leave from the European Commission in March 2017 to focus on his sustainable finance and climate economics research and to work as independent policy advisor. Since his first “climate job” in 1998 (at Braunschweig Technical University), Ingmar has gathered significant experience in policy making, analysis and advice, particularly on climate and energy financing and economics. Among others, Ingmar has spent 15 years working for the European Commission, the United Nations (FAO) and the OECD.
In June 2013 Ingmar was appointed Senior Economic Advisor of the European Commission in Germany. From 2012 to 2013, Ingmar spent a sabbatical year as Deputy Director of the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) to focus on climate and energy financing and to advise the interim secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in Bonn. From 2010 to 2012 he served as the coordinator of the EU strategy for adaptation to climate change in the EU Directorate General CLIMA. From 2007 to 2010 Ingmar was responsible for the economic analysis of energy and climate policy in the EU Directorate-General for Industry and Enterprise and coordinated the work on carbon leakage. At the FAO of the United Nations (2003 and 2007), Ingmar was responsible for developing the organisation’s entire work programmes for carbon finance, climate adaptation and bioenergy. Ingmar is a passionate sportsman and musician; he is married and has three children.
David Rusnok
Managing Director
CLIMCOM Berlin – Climate & Company – the private institute for climate research and training gGmbH

About Climate & Company

As Germany’s leading Sustainable Finance Think-Tank, we accompany agents of change in politics, finance, business, science and environmental action on their way to shifting investments towards sustainable development. Be it for biodiversity protection and restoration of ecosystems, tackling the climate crisis, or halting deforestation - with sound data evidence, solid regulatory analysis and strategic policy recommendations, we help decision-makers in connecting the dots and bridging the gaps between finance, policy and the environment.

As a Sustainable Finance Think-Tank with excellent connections with the policy-making, financial industry and academic world, we work in partnership with you to empower you to take your next steps.


How we can help


  • Sustainable Finance Analyses: We break down sustainable finance for your needs: our scientifically sound and rigorous analyses of complex regulatory challenges across industry sectors and countries give you the figures, the data and the overview you need to make evidence-based decisions on sustainable finance.
  • Sustainable Finance Briefings: From taxonomy to biodiversity finance, from disclosure standards to investment gaps; in our reports, briefings and workshops, we help you understand international developments, compare regulations and assess risks so that you can prepare your next steps.
  • Sustainable Finance Recommendations: We translate the research and the political landscape at national, European and G7-G20 level into concrete recommendations so that you can take timely action. We help you identify key political moments, the decisin-makers to talk to and the partners to team up with so that your actions have impact.