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Patrick Hartl
Managing Director
Cadeia GmbH
Rolf Steffens
Managing Director
Cadeia GmbH
Rolf Steffens is co-founder and managing director at Cadeia. Rolf has more than 30 years of professional experience in international investment banking business and has spent large parts of his career in London. Rolf held management positions in fixed income and structured finance at Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Deloitte & Touche. He has lead teams in London, Frankfurt, New York City as well as in Hong Kong. He is a member of the Professional Risk Managers' International Association as well as the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce and holds the Islamic Finance Qualification.

About us

The digital capital markets platform for the whole lifecycle of financial products

Cadeia (www.cadeia.co) is a B2B financial technology company with a mission to make global capital markets transactions and products more efficient and transparent for issuers as well as service providers and investors. To this end, the company operates a digital capital markets platform that enables the management of the entire lifecycle of a financial product or transaction – from structuring and issuance, through servicing and rule-based management of cash flows, to reporting and final settlement. In this way the multi-purpose platform covers simple financial products like bonds just like complex securitisation transactions. The offering aims at institutional customers such as banks, asset managers or insurance companies and covers a wide range of transaction types and financial instruments.


Fully digital securitization through a blockchain of choice or through traditional infrastructure

With its digital capital markets platform, Cadeia offers a one-stop-shop for the holistic orchestration and execution of securitisation transactions. Various types of securitisation products, such as ABS, MBS, RMBS, etc., can be flexibly designed in the integrated structuring tool and consequently issued, serviced and settled automatically. The platform allows to manage the whole lifecycle of securitization transactions in both, digital and in traditional infrastructures, and to distribute cash flows rule-based according to automatically selected cash flow waterfalls either in fiat currencies or through on-chain stablecoin transactions. Regarding the settlement of transactions in digital infrastructures, Cadeia follows a blockchain-agnostic approach, allowing customers to select a blockchain of choice as their trusted execution environment.


Collaborative approach with full service coverage – from structuring to platform white labeling

All market participants involved in a securitisation transaction can collaborate on the platform across the different phases of the transaction and benefit from increased efficiency, speed, transparency and security. Due to the reduced costs compared to traditional execution, Cadeia's platform also enables securitisation transactions starting from much smaller issuance volumes than usually required. In addition to clients operating the platform themselves, Cadeia also offers the possibility of full coordination, structuring and execution of a transaction by the in-house capital markets team. White-labelling of the platform front-end or the entire platform – including an on-premise solution – completes the offering, especially for large customers.