TSI Special Training on Securitisation: An overview over the key legal and regulatory requirements as well as rating agency criteria and ECB repo requirements (Kopie 1)

Securitisation is a hot topic. In the case of public transactions, there has been a distinct improvement in the market in recent years and securitisation of loan portfolios to obtain refinancing from the ECB continues to play an important role at banks. Today, there is virtually no other capital market segment that is as tightly regulated as securitisation. Under CRD II and CRD III new requirements were added and CRR/CRD IV confronts banks with new tasks. In addition, with regard to the ECB's repo criteria, banks are having to deal with far-reaching innovations in connection with the European Data Warehouse. All these changes affect not only securitisation departments but also related departments such as risk management, accounting, law, reporting, lending, controlling, compliance and auditing. For all it's important to be conversant with the topic area. That is the only sure way of keeping quality products and negative developments apart. It is the only way of ensuring that staff are able to make sound, appropriate assessments of application possibilities and operating mechanisms and the risks and opportunities entailed. TSI's comprehensive training in this field has already proved its worth several times over.

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