TSI Special Training: Getting started – practical steps to securitisation

The stated goal of the European Commission and the ECB is to revive the market for high quality securitisations – a matter that TSI has been pursuing for more than 10 years.

Our regular, extensive ABS training seminars are intended to help to deepen the knowledge of securitisation matters among those who are directly concerned, originators, investors, serviceproviders and supervisory authorities and to lend weight to the notion of quality.

German auto and SME securitisations are good examples of the link between securitisations and quality. Our TSI training seminar on 21 January 2016 will therefore be the perfect starting point from which to explore all aspects of a securitisation transaction on the basis of a case study and will also be of interest to your company.

The main topics covered in the TSI Special Training:

  • Overview of an actual, current securitisation transaction
  • Legal matters – assignment, insolvency protection, tax issues, ECB eligibility
  • Regulatory framework conditions and accounting issues
  • The work of the rating agencies

The main topics will be explored by taking a Driver transaction as an example. The training seminar thus provides an excellent way in for all who are starting to deal with securitisations and thus with originators, investors, supervisory authorities and service-providers.

Please save the date on 21 January 2016 in your calendar.

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