Securitization in Central and Eastern europe

After the collapse of the Iron Curtain the Central and Eastern European countries started a race to catch up with their West European neighbours and have now entered a new phase in the development of their financial and capital markets, in which the use of modern ABS instruments is becoming increasingly interesting.

Moreover, the Central and Eastern European economies are becoming more and more intertwined. Western banks have become involved in these countries in many different ways. Thus, it is an obvious thing for TSI, a company established jointly by thirteen banks which have committed themselves to the promotion of the ABS market in Germany, to have a closer look at the securitization potentials and opportunities offered in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia and to provide information about the development of the ABS market framework in Germany.

The main topics of the one-day conference held in English will be:

  • Securitization of Leasing and Bank Receivables in Russia, Poland and Czech Republic
  • Legal Framework of Securitization in Germany
  • Securitization Markets, Legal Frameworks and Potentials in Russia, Poland, Czech
    Republic, Bulgaria, Romania und Croatia