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Since 2002, DEMICA has provided innovative, working capital solutions to multinational corporations, enabling the financing of over $50bn of trade receivables and payables. We specialise in arranging and managing multi-jurisdictional trade receivable securitisations, distributor and supply chain finance programs to improve liquidity or boost profit margins. Our investors are drawn from the traditional bank market as well as alternative sources. Our proprietary technology platform delivers exceptional risk mitigation and advance rate optimisation to our corporate and investing clients, while using secure automation to provide administrative ease.

Our Solutions

Trade Receivables Securitisation

DEMICA’s proprietary securitisation platform enables multinational corporations to release cash locked in their global debtor books with the potential for off-balance sheet accounting treatment. Our technology, combined with professional structuring, minimises risk for our funding partners and enables our clients to achieve optimal advance rates while automated reporting provides administrative efficiency.
With our extensive programme services, DEMICA also helps clients that have already agreed terms with their preferred trade receivables securitisation funder. We specialise in project managing the transaction, implementing automated reporting and providing warm back-up servicing on complex, multi-jurisdictional programs. We use our expertise and platform to guarantee success while minimizing the burden on our client’s finance team

Supply Chain Financing

Our innovative supply chain finance solutions enable our clients to extend days payable outstanding, capture early payment discounts offered by suppliers or help their suppliers secure lower cost funding while also improving their own margins. DEMICA specialises in non-investment grade programmes while providing white-label solutions to global banking partners.


We facilitate the funding of $50 billion of receivables and payables per year.

World-class technology combined with excellent structuring has led to zero loss for any programme on the Demica platform.

Our platform interfaces to over 240 ERP and accounting packages, providing daily invoice level data to our risk systems.

Since our launch as a working capital solutions provider in 2002, we have never lost a client to a competitor.

Since 2002, Demica has powered over 90 large receivables finance and supply chain finance programmes worldwide.

With access to proprietary pools of capital, we partner with 35 banks and large institutional investors to fund our programmes.

We currently finance receivables from 130 countries for clients across Europe, North America & Asia.

Our unique technology platform enables our clients to achieve optimal advance rates while enabling automated reporting and administrative efficiency.