COVID-19 – Regulatory Update

We are all closely following the various measures being adopted by government agencies, regulators and central banks to mitigate the economic consequences of the spread of COVID-19. On this page, we have compiled links to what we consider to be important daily updates on economic developments surrounding the coronavirus crisis, links to reports on the short- and medium-term economic impact of the ongoing crisis, an overview of specific measures, legislation and policies adopted by policymakers and supervisory authorities, and publications and assessments from market participants.

COVID-19: Daily Updates

Economic Analyses

Summary of Measures & Analysis

23.11.2020GovernmentBundesregierung (BMF/BMWi)Fragen und Antworten zu den Novemberhilfen
20.11.2020RegulatorEBABanks report a significant use of COVID-19 moratoria and public guarantees
09.11.2020Promotional BankKfWKfW-Schnellkredit 2020
05.11.2020GovernmentBundesregierung Außerordentliche Wirtschaftshilfe November – Details der Hilfen stehen
05.10.2020RegulatorEBAEBA saw that NPL ratios remained stable in Q2-2020 although early signals of asset quality deterioration in banks’ balance sheets start to appear
21.09.2020RegulatorEBAEBA phases out its Guidelines on legislative and non-legislative loan repayments moratoria
17.11.2020Central BankECBECB allows temporary relief in banks’ leverage ratio after declaring exceptional circumstances due to pandemic
11.09.2020GovernmentEuropean ParliamentCapital markets union: Economic and monetary affairs committee calls for an urgent completion
02.09.2020GovernmentBundesregierung Bundesregierung beschließt beschränkte Verlängerung der Aussetzung der Insolvenzantragspflicht
31.08.2020RegulatorEBAOpinion regarding the European Commission’s intention to amend the EBA’s final draft RTS on economic downturn
30.07.2020RegulatorEBAEBA sees first impact of COVID-19 materialising in EU banks’ Q1 data
24.07.2020GovernmentEU COMCoronavirus response: How the Capital Markets Union can support Europe’s recovery
21.07.2020RegulatorEBAEBA publishes overview of public guarantee schemes issued in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
07.07.2020RegulatorEBAEBA provides clarity on the implementation of the prudential framework in the context of COVID-19
26.06.2020GovernmentEU COMCRR “quick fix” published in the Official Journal
23.06.2020International OrganisationBISBasel Committee proposes amendment to capital rules for non-performing loan securitisations 
08.06.2020RegulatorEBAEBA releases bank-by-bank data at the start of the COVID-19 crisis
04.06.2020Central BankECBECB extends Covid-19 emergency stimulus by €600bn
03.06.2020GovernmentBundesregierungKonjunkturpaket Deutschland: "Ein ambitioniertes Programm" 
02.06.2020RegulatorEBAGuidelines to address gaps in reporting data and public information in the context of COVID-19
27.05.2020GovernmentEU COMRecovery plan for Europe
25.05.2020RegulatorEBACOVID-19 is placing unprecedented challenges on EU banks
22.05.2020GovernmentBundesregierung (BMF/BMWi)Corona-Schutzschild der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
13.05.2020SupervisorESMAESMA highlights challenges for rating Collateralised Loan Obligations and impact of Covid-19
06.05.2020RegulatorEBAEBA proposes framework for STS synthetic securitisation
05.05.2020Federal Constitutional CourtBundesverfassungsgerichtECB decisions on the Public Sector Purchase Programme exceed EU competences
28.04.2020GovernmentEU COMBanking package to facilitate lending to households and businesses in the EU
22.04.2020Central Bank ECBSteps to mitigate impact of possible rating downgrades on collateral availability
22.04.2020RegulatorEBATreatment of Covid-19 Measures for Securitised Exposures 
20.04.2020ResearchEBI European Banking InstituteReport on the ‘Pandemic Crisis-related’ Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures: International, EU and Euro Area Levels
17.04.2020Chamber of CommerceDIHKSo unterstützen AHKs Unternehmen weltweit in der Krise
16.04.2020GovernmentBundesregierung (BMF/BMWi)Bundesregierung sichert Warenverkehr ab
14.04.2020RegulatorEBAEU banks sail through the Corona crisis with sound capital ratios
08.04.2020RegulatorEBAEBA updates impact of the Basel III reforms on EU banks’ capital and compliance with liquidity measures 
07.04.2020Central BankECBECB announces package of temporary collateral easing measures
06.04.2020GovernmentEU COM & EIFEU COM and EIF (part of EIB Group) unlock €8 billion in finance for 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses
02.04.2020GovernmentEU COMState Aid: EU COM extends Temporary Framework to allow Member States to fully guarantee (100%) loans to SMEs
02.04.2020RegulatorEBAGuidelines on treatment of public and private moratoria in light of COVID-19 measures 
02.04.2020GovernmentBundesregierungKfW-Sonderprogramm: 2020 Große Nachfrage nach Corona-Hilfskrediten
31.03.2020RegulatorEBAEBA provides additional clarity on measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the EU banking sector 
27.03.2020SupervisorECBECB asks banks not to pay dividends until at least October 2020
27.03.2020SupervisorBIS BIS announces deferral of Basel III implementation to increase operational capacity of banks and supervisors
27.03.2020GovernmentDeutscher BundestagWirtschaftsstabilisierungsfondsgesetz – WStF
27.03.2020GovernmentDeutscher BundestagGesetzes zur Abmilderung der Folgen der COVID-19-Pandemie im Zivil-, Insolvenz- und Strafverfahrensrecht
27.03.2020AccountingBDOAuswirkungen auf internationale Rechnungslegung und Regulatorik von Banken
25.03.2020RegulatorEBAEBA provides clarity to banks and consumers on the application of the prudential framework
25.03.2020SupervisorESMAESMA Guidance on Accounting implications of the COVID-19 outbreak
25.03.2020Central BankECBECB Decision on €750bn temporary PEPP (pandemic emergency purchase programme)
22.03.2020Press & ResearchSachverständigenratGerman Council of Experts: Economic Outlook in the Coronavirus Pandemic
21.03.2020SupervisorFCAFCA requests delay announcement of preliminary financial accounts
19.03.2020AccountingKPMGBanksteuerung in Krisenzeiten: Wesentliche Handlungsfelder aufgrund COVID-19
19.03.2020GovernmentEU CommissionTemporary Framework for State aid measures to support the economy
18.03.2020Central BankECBECB announces €750bn Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)
16.03.2020GovernmentBMJVInsolvenzantragspflicht für durch die Corona-Epidemie geschädigte Unternehmen aussetzen
16.03.2020Public BankEIBEIB Group will rapidly mobilise up to EUR 40 billion to fight crisis
12.03.2020SupervisorECBECB Banking Supervision provides temporary capital and operational relief in reaction to coronavirus
12.03.2020RegulatorEBAEU-wide stress test postponed to 2021 to allow banks to prioritise operational continuity.
Competent authorities should make full use, where appropriate, of flexibility embedded in existing regulation
12.03.2020SupervisorBaFinEinheitlicher Aufsichtsmechanismus SSM: EZB beschließt mit BaFin und weiteren nationalen Aufsichtsbehörden Entlastungen für Banken; BaFin wendet Maßnahmen auch für weniger bedeutende Institute (LSI) an